Pex Rosetta White Cardigan

Pex Rosetta White Cardigan


Pex Rosetta White Cardigan

Rosetta girls white cardigan. Knitted pattern detail. Cute ribbon flower affect on the chest area. Button fastening. This item will help keep little one warm.

Material: 100% Acrylic
Machine Wash
Colour: White
Product Code: PEXAW1517


Product Description

Pex Rosetta White Cardigan

Pex Rosetta White Cardigan is super accessory for your little baby girls wardrobe. This little cardigan looks perfect with Carlomagno white socks with bow.

Pex was founded in 1914 and has been supplying the best baby and children’s socks tights for generations. In recent times Pex has become well known for their extensive collection of baby wear, Christening and accessories. Pex Clothing offer fresh baby colours and are known for the baby blue and pink knits. Their collection ranges from baby boy suits, baby boy knits, cardigans, dresses, bonnets, hats, rompers, intricate embroidery and smocking. Pex Clothing provide for formal and practical occasions. Their range of designs will help keep your baby looking fresh and fashionable all year.


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