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Rugby Mums

Rugby Mums

Rugby Mums It is that time of year when the early nights draw in and the heating is on full power. The days appear a lot shorter and yet you have more than ever to do. Take your little girl to her dance lessons and your little boy to rugby training and games, Christmas parties to attend, presents to buy and family and friends to meet. The list goes on. The thought of taking my children on busy, trains and around the city centre whilst they splash in puddles and pull the changing room curtains aside whilst trying on a party dress for the work night and showing strangers my winter lingerie and toned physic not!  Is daunting to say the least. This year I have decided to do my Christmas shopping from the comfort of my own home with a glass of wine and a lap top. Thank you online shopping!
We all know the 80’s style has returned. The remake comes without losing the fun of colour that marked the most controversy decade in the world of fashion. Strong colours like army green and navy are popular this winter. However, the colour at the moment is pale pink. Not quite for me, but certainly for my baby girl. Absorba collection offer pale pink winter coats for baby girl, fully lined in faux fur and has attached fur hood and fur mittens. Practicality and fashion together.

Fashion bloggers are blogging that being a mum is fashionable. Not quite sure what they mean by this. I ask myself what with our flats that enable us to run after our toddler when he/she runs away.
So rugby mums this year warm clothing are ‘in’

Let’s replace those summer shoes for wellies. According to mums in Bath the trend is to wear wellies with warm think socks above or just below the knee. Warm bobble hats and padded winter coats.
Let’s not forget our daughters who support their brothers playing rugby on these cold days. Check out type in coupon code cc222 and receive 15% discount off all items. Browse girls designer outfits and snuggly warm coats from age newborn to seven years and discover Elsy clothes for girls.
Children are always making memories, make sure your little ones look good in theirs.
Let’s embrace this festive season with style ladies. Happy winter rugby mums see you at the touch line. X

Pastel Baby Clothes

Pastel Baby Clothes

Pastel Baby Clothes and why we like our baby boy or baby girl wearing certain colours. One of the hottest trends that we see again year on year are pastel colours. Pale pink and pale blue are two pastel colours that are popular all year round for girls and boys respectively. Although pale pink is associated with baby girls and pale blue is related to baby boys this has not always been the case. Pastel colours became  popular in the late 19th century however baby pink and baby blue only became gender signifies before World War I.

Prior to blue being gender specific both boys and girls wore white cotton dresses until the age of 6. It was seen as a practical outfit because it was easy to change nappies whilst also something that could be bleached when the outfit became stained. The clothes would also be passed down to younger siblings.

In more recent times we like to know the sex of a baby or young child at first glance and there is nothing more irritating for parents than when people confuse the sex of their baby. Thus being a huge factor in people choosing to dress their daughters in pink and their sons in blue. At Bumpalumpa we are delighted to offer you the beautiful pale pink and pale blue Absorba & Pex range for AW16.

Pink is the colour of unconditional love with the basic meaning being love nurturing and peace. With that being said, check out our selection of pale pink baby wear by Absorba. For the  baby girl we have the pink velour baby grow gift set, the pale pink body suit in addition to the pale pink long sleeved romper. The baby girls pink Absorba dress with matching tights would match with our selection of shoes. The Absorba pale pink winter coat with mittens and a faux fur hood would be perfect for your little one on a winters day.

Blue is the colour of calmness, healing, soothing and relaxing and those of us who have mischievous little boys (me included!) could argue that this could be a colour to help promote calmness and peace. With that in mind we are sure you would love our boys pale blue Absorba range for AW16. We have the cute baby boys blue baby grow and the pale blue and white dungaree set which is timeless. In line with the girls range we also stock a pale blue boys winter coat with matching helmet hat. We would also suggest you to look at the boys baby blue Pex suits which again are timeless throughout the years. Both Pex suits (rompers and outfits) and the Absorba dungarees can be paired with the baby boys Pex shoes to finish off the look.

We are sure you wont be disappointed with the Absorba & Pex ranges, click here; where you can find pastel baby clothes and other designer ranges and browse our baby wear collection from naught to two years 

Boys & Girls Sailor Suit

Boys & Girls Sailor Suit

Boys & Girls Sailor Suit. Sailor Suits are still very much in fashion.  A sailor suite is a traditional uniform worn by sea men in the navy and for many years has been a popular style of children’s clothing.

As far back as 1846, 4 year old Albert Edward (Prince of Wales) wore a sailor suite during a cruise of the Channel Islands. This was much to the delight of his mother and the public. The influence of the Royal Family began to popularise the sailor suit and by 1880’s the sailor suit was as popular for girls as well as boys. It was so popular in England that few boys grew up without wearing it.

Although it was made popular by the Royal Family the sailor suit broke down barriers between the classes with popular cartoon characters wearing it such as Popeye and Donald Duck. The sailor suit could be worn for a verity of occasions. It could be dressed down for day-wear whilst also being worn for special occasions. More recently the Sailor Suit is worn for special occasions such as family photographs, christenings, weddings and first holy communions. The young Prince William wore a sailor suite to his uncles wedding and we are sure it won’t be long before we see prince George wearing the same as he has been known to follow in his fathers foot steps.

Shop for Boys & Girls Sailor Suit from recognised designers by clicking the following links.  Rachel Riley and Little Darlings.


Name Fit For Baby Legend

Name Fit For Baby Legend


Name Fit For Baby Legend. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are due to welcome their baby girl into the world but are yet to disclose what her name will be. There has been much speculation about what the duo will call their child with Jimmy Kimmel starting rumours that they will call her Lionel Legend after Lionel Richie. When asked by a fan on Twitter if she had any names in mind for her unborn child Chrissy joked that she will call her daughter ‘Chubz’.

Although Lionel Legend has a nice ring to it and Chubz Legend would be a name to stand out – even in Hollywood! We don’t think the Sports Illistrated model and her Grammy award winning husband will agree that they are fitting names for their precious daughter. John has previously said that he and his wife of almost three years, Chrissy want to choose a name which is meaningful to them and that has a family resonance.

With that in mind… here at Bumpalumpa HQ we sat over a cuppa and considered 10 baby girl names that may be fitting for a Legend!!

Chrissy and John have close relationships with their mothers so naming their children after one or both of them may be sentimental for them.

1) Viailuck (is the name of Chrissy’s Mum)

2) Pyyllis (the name of John’s mother)

3) Milan: John and Chrissy married in 2013 at Lake Como which is not far from Milan. This could be a nice way to mark their wedding location.

4) John: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds caused controversy when they named their daughter James as many people thought it was a typically male name, so maybe John isn’t out of the question? ha ha.

5) West: WWKKD – what would Kim Kardashian do? We all know Chrissy and John have been taking pregnancy advice from Kim & Kanye this past 9 months so maybe the name West or Yeezy might be in the running 🙂

6) Mai: Chrissy’s mum is originally from Thailand so it may be fitting for Chrissy and John to give Thailand the nod as part of their daughters name. We think Mai would be a beautiful name meaning “tomorrow” or “future” in Thailand.

7) Tulip: Baby Legend will be lucky enough to be born in the spring season so how appropriate would it be if she was named after a spring flower.

8) Melody: The model couple met on the set of “Stereo” music video. With music being a big part of their lives, we at bumpalumpa felt that Melody could be in the running for the name of their first born.

9) Beverley: John and Chrissy sold their New York apartment to move to Los Angeles. They have views overlooking Beverley Hills so they could have this in mind when choosing a name :-/
10) Bea: The celebrity couple have made public their struggle to conceive and are now blessed with a beautiful baby girl. The name Bea means “blessed” in America. Here at Bumpalumpa HQ we think this could be a front runner!

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Why Do Mums Love Pex Children’s Clothes?

Why Do Mums Love Pex Children’s Clothes

Pex Clothing offer fresh classic baby colours and are known for their baby blue and pink knitted clothing.  Their collection ranges from baby boy suits, baby boy knits, cardigans, dresses bonnets, hats, rompers and more. Pex designs help to keep your baby looking fresh and fashionable. Being a mum myself, I have to admit that babies look good in fresh colours such as baby blue, lemon and so on. Pex designer clothes offer these colours in knitted suits and dresses and therefore, even during the winter season your little one remains looking bright but warm.

Pex was founded in 1914 and has been supplying the best baby and children’s socks tights for generations. In recent times Pex has become well known for their extensive collection of baby wear, Christening and accessories. Pex Clothing offer fresh baby colours and are known for the baby blue and pink knits. Their collection ranges from baby boy suits, baby boy knits, cardigans, dresses, bonnets, hats, rompers, intricate embroidery and smocking. Pex designs provide for formal and practical occasions. Their range of designs will help keep your baby looking fresh and fashionable all year.

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