Boys & Girls Sailor Suit

Boys & Girls Sailor Suit

Boys & Girls Sailor Suit. Sailor Suits are still very much in fashion.  A sailor suite is a traditional uniform worn by sea men in the navy and for many years has been a popular style of children’s clothing.

As far back as 1846, 4 year old Albert Edward (Prince of Wales) wore a sailor suite during a cruise of the Channel Islands. This was much to the delight of his mother and the public. The influence of the Royal Family began to popularise the sailor suit and by 1880’s the sailor suit was as popular for girls as well as boys. It was so popular in England that few boys grew up without wearing it.

Although it was made popular by the Royal Family the sailor suit broke down barriers between the classes with popular cartoon characters wearing it such as Popeye and Donald Duck. The sailor suit could be worn for a verity of occasions. It could be dressed down for day-wear whilst also being worn for special occasions. More recently the Sailor Suit is worn for special occasions such as family photographs, christenings, weddings and first holy communions. The young Prince William wore a sailor suite to his uncles wedding and we are sure it won’t be long before we see prince George wearing the same as he has been known to follow in his fathers foot steps.

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