Spanish Princess Wearing Pili Carrera

Spanish Princess Wearing Pili Carrer

Spanish Princess Wearing Pili Carrera. Spanish Princess is photographed  again wearing Pili Carrera clothing.  The origins of Pili Carrera date back to 1963. The brand has established itself as an exclusive brand for children’s clothing.

Pili Carrera is recognised for dressing the Spanish Royal family’s children in the their finest luxury kids clothing and baby clothing. They have recently been honoured by the son of the crown princess of Denmark wearing their collection too. If you are looking for a high end designer for your little ones wardrobe, Pili Carrera is the designer brand for your little prince or princess. It is an honour for Pili Carrera and Bumpalumpa to see the Spanish princess wearing Pili Carrera clothing. This elegant brand has now arrived in Liverpool and can be purchased online at

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